Buy 3 PCB's get 1 free
Buy 3 PCB's get 1 free
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Custom Rat Blue Box with order switch and octave mod

        Custom Rat/Blue box with octave mod and order footswitch

Dirt Monger Instruments Faust EQ Version 1

24 Volt HM-2 Clone based on the PedalPCB Promethium

                       JFET Boost

                                  Lovetone Meatball Clone

                      Boss OD1 Clone 

         Gristleizer clone built for the inventor himself, Roy Gwinn

                        Double Dingus! Pair of Boss FZ-2 Clones 


                  JHS Haunting Mids Clone

                                   Lovetone Cheese Source Clone

                 1 Knob Bit Crusher

                                Lovetone Ring Stinger Clone