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Buy a set of Rocket Sockets and Better Setter and get a Free PCB of your choice!
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Necrotic Damage
Necrotic Damage
Necrotic Damage
Necrotic Damage Layout
Dirt Monger Instruments

Necrotic Damage (RAT + HM2 EQ)

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Rat style distortion in series with a 4 Band HM-2 Chainsaw EQ, added options give this design versatility while most importantly keeping the true sense and spirit of each pedal alive and intact.

The RAT and Chainsaw EQ have individual bypass footswitches for independent use as well as a MAIN bypass footswitch.



DIST - Distortion level

LEVEL - Output volume for the Rat

H - Hard Clipping Toggle; Centre = off, Right = Silicon Symmetrical, Left = LED Symmetrical

S - Soft Clipping Toggle; Centre = off, Right = Silicon Asymmetrical, Left = LED Symmetrical

MID - Passive Mid Control, 700Hz center frequency which shifts with TILT control.

TILT - Passive Bass/Treble control, 100Hz to 10KHz range. TILT EQ curve is flat when dialled to 12 O' Clock (center), left of center adds bass frequencies, right of center adds treble frequencies.

The combination MID and TILT controls offer a huge range of EQ possibilities and sweet spots with the versatility of a three knob EQ but the form factor of only two knobs. The passive characteristic of the MID/TILT controls keep the true sense of the RAT alive for players to still experience the original sound but with a much more precise and complimentary tone control.

MID and TILT Frequency graph;


LOW - 100Hz boost/cut

L-MID - 700Hz boost/cut

H-MID - 1.2KHz boost/cut, max this out for that chainsaw snarl

HIGH - 4 to 10KHz boost/cut

N - EQ Notch Rotary - 8 position rotary control that adds an EQ notch from roughly 1KHz down to 300Hz

EQ - Blend control for the Chainsaw EQ, roll it clockwise to add more of this EQ into the mix

The 4 band EQ is tailored for Chainsaw tones due to a narrow Q value for both the H-MID and LOW frequencies but it is still an EQ and can be used as such to get other interesting tones as well. Use it as a clean boost, or to bump up missing frequency range in your amps fx loop. The 4 band EQ can function independently and also driven by other gain pedals in front of it for countless dirty tone combinations.


BLEND - Blends the signal of the RAT and Chainsaw EQ with dry signal passing through the pedal. 


 *Note* This pedal runs on a standard 9 Volt centre negative power supply which is not provided, for suggestions on power supplies see the info section.