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Decomposer (DOD Grind with mids control)

Decomposer (DOD Grind with mids control)

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Decomposer is amp sim style distortion based on the DOD Grind with an added Mid control, clipping options and buffered bypass. 

Another design by Jason Lamb from the 1990's, the Grind was intended to be a Dual Rectifier in a box. The original design has level, low, high and distortion controls. As well intended as it was to create an amp in a box I found the original was lacking mid range power, so the mid section of the DOD Death Metal was added to really make this pedal Grind as its namesake states.

A really cool feature of the Grind is the dual outputs, one for running into an amplifier as you normally would while the speaker out is to be used to run directly into a power amp and the Grind acts as a preamp. Both output options have been included in this version on a switch to conveniently toggle between them. 

Hard clipping options have been added as well, toggle between LED and Silicon diode clip types, LED is smoother than Silicon clipping which is crunchier sounding. 

This pedal is hot! By that I mean a little distortion goes a long way, it doesn't take much gain from the distortion to get a high gain signal. 

This pedal doubles as a signal buffer. A Klon style buffered bypass was added to squash the oscillation feedback that happens with true bypass high gain pedals and also adds signal integrity to a signal chain. 


 *Note* This pedal runs on a standard 9 Volt centre negative power supply which is not provided, for suggestions on power supplies see the info section.

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