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Green Slaad Overdrive (Heavily modded Tube Screamer)

Green Slaad Overdrive (Heavily modded Tube Screamer)

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The Green Slaad is a Tube Screamer based Overdrive fully loaded with new features including; 27 volts headroom, wet/dry blend, 12 attack frequency cut off settings, 8 clipping types and independant output boost.

27 Volt Headroom - This updated version uses a modern day charge pump to combine and increase the +/- V for a combined 27 volts, adding 3 times the headroom as the original design. 

Attack cap rotary - 12 position rotary switch adjusts the cutoff frequency by switching between cap values ranging from 1n to 47n. The cutoff frequency ranges from beefy low mids to modern bright articulated tones. In conjunction with the tone control and the clipping rotary this pedal has the ability to produce tones ranging from djent to dimebag to doom and lots of others in between.

Clip Type - the clipping rotary switch produces 8 different clipping variations, most are inspired by well known pedals while a few are unique to themselves. The harmonic range of each clipping type can be accented by the attack rotary frequency cut off the clipping types expanding their unique sonic capabilities.

Clipping Types:

IC - natural clipping just from the IC. It is the loudest clipping option with the most output. 

SS - Silicon Symmetrical - used in the original TS808 and numerous other pedals

SA - Silicon Asmmetrical - used in the Boss SD-1

GS - Germanium Symmetrical - Used in the Klon Centaur

GA - Germanium Asymmetrical 

LS - LED Symmetrical - used in the Turbo RAT

LA - LED Asymmetrical

MF - MOSFET - Used in the OCD

Parallel Blend Control - The added blend feature allows players to dial in the exact amount of desired overdrive tone. This feature is important to achieve modern tones which aren’t necessarily a product of any one pedal but a culmination of all the gear involved.

Boost Contol and Footswitch - Many players have desired more output from their Tube Screamer, an integral feature of this pedal is the added boost section at the end of the signal chain to provide more output. Many players will find this particular feature useful for solos or to push the front end of their amp even harder. The boost is completely independent of the blend control, so the amount of wet/dry signal does not affect the overall boost output adding utility and function, if desired the Green Slaad could be used as a clean boost on its own if the blend control output is completely dry by turning it all the way counter clockwise. 

 *Note* This pedal runs on a standard 9 Volt centre negative power supply which is not provided, for suggestions on power supplies see the info section.

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